Cabinet Membrane Nitrogen Generator – NITROMEM®

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You need a reliable and fully automatic nitrogen supply with the smallest space requirements?

Advantages of NITROMEM® Cabinet Membrane Nitrogen Generators 

  • Extremely Compact
    No other membrane nitrogen system on the market with such limited space requirements. Reduced footprint, all tie-in connections on one side, easy to install and maintain. Ideal for marine / naval or offshore installations;

  • High Reliability
    First-class components, stainless steel process piping and valve bodies, heavy-duty PLC. It should work. Always.

  • Remote Monitoring & Control
    The special App from NOXERIOR will allow you to monitor both real-time process values and production statistics of your NITROMEM® Cabinet Membrane Nitrogen Generator remotely from any location or distance through smartphone or tablet. Even a remote start / stop option of your NITROMEM® nitrogen generator will be possible, if so required;

  • Easy System Adjustment
    Only two cabinet sizes for the entire NITROMEM® product line, which allows a future capacity increase for all models, except for the NM-36 and NM-72. In case your nitrogen supply conditions will change, simply adjust your NITROMEM® system by varying the number of membrane modules. Just by yourself, no other modifications to the generator required;

  • Easy Fleet Management
    Identical components for the entire model range = limited spare part management, easy maintenance;

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