CB-30 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

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The CB‐30 Cool Boss™ swamp cooler, sometimes called an evaporative air cooler, provides a low‐cost, environmentally‐friendly way to keep shops cool and workplace areas comfortable, even during the hottest summer months.

Comfortably Ditch A/C Once and for All

Another benefit of Cool Boss comes from its oscillating swing-louvers. These moving panels throw air side-to-side, as well as to the front. This increases the effectiveness of the swamp cooler for big shops or wider floor spaces. Remote control functionality makes monitoring fan speed convenient from a distance, so there’s no need to cross the room and fuss with the settings. Our swamp cooler also features a negative air ionizer to help clean up the air quality of your shop. This is a safety feature as much as it is a convenience feature. There’s simply no easier or cost-efficient way to cool your shop than with a swamp cooler. Put multiple units in place for additional cooling that still saves thousands of dollars overall. No more massive A/C bills that threaten your bottom line. Get a swamp cooler, and make sure that cooler is a Cool Boss.

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