SPIN Ultrasonic washing tanks CK-EXPORT

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The effectiveness of the wash in cavitation of the tub CK-EXPORT will solve the problem of cleaning of the equipment in the various fields of application. The advantages are many: not to come in contact with dirt, often caused by harmful material, do not enter in contact with the details of the equipments that can be dangerous, causing cuts and be able to remove every trace of dirt from the most inaccessible of the objects. The hot CK-EXPORT is, therefore, essential for cleaning small items of the laboratories of mechanics, circuits of the electronic workshops, laboratories, mechanical components such as the injectors in the garage and of the coating guns of the bodywork. Characteristics of the basin CK 3
Hot single phase to 3 litres with basket without faucet drain. The maximum size of the footprint 270x170x240 mm, the hot tub is great 240x140x100 mm. Ultrasonic power 120 W heating power 100 W. The standard frequency is 40 KHz. These data indicate the effectiveness of the action of the bath, the ultrasonic vibrations generated are those that move the washing liquid allowing the separation of the dirt from the piece.

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