GEODYNA® 6800-2P

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The wheel balancer for garages, car dealerships and tyre shops with high tyre service volume. This balancer features automatic input of distance rim/machine, rim diameter and width. Equipped with geodata® gauge arm for absolutely reliable positioning of adhesive weights and including TFT wide-screen monitor.

  • With electro-mechanical Power Clamp device
  • Patented virtual plane measurement (VPM) technique
  • Patented geodata® gauge arm for input of all wheel data and positioning of adhesive wheel weights with weight clamp
  • Alternatively fast, accurate and easy positioning of adhesive weights in bottom position on the wheel with the easyWeight pinpoint laser light indicator
  • 19″ TFT wide-screen monitor
  • Semi-automatic pre-selection of balancing mode with easyALU
  • Hidden weight mode
  • Automatic orientation of wheel into correction plane (12 h position)
  • Patented ptimisation
  • 9 User profiles
  • AutoStopSystem for geodata® gauge arm
  • asanetwork capability
  • Convenient on-line user guidance
  • Comprehensive on-line help in more than 20 languages
  • Ergonomic weight tray
  • Ergonomic shelves for cones and clamping means holder

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