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Semi-automatic tyre changers with powerMONT™ leverless technology

  • The tyre changer of choice for low-profile, UHP and run-flat tyres
  • powerMONT™ the innovative, fast and easy to use leverless mount/demount system
  • smartSpeed™ the exclusive self-adjustable speed system up to 20 rpm that provides the optimum torque/speed combination to the chuck
  • Dynamic bead breaker with two disks, the solution of choice for RFT and UHP tyres. Precise, ergonomic and effortless.
  • Manual center post clamping system
  • PBD330, Pneumatic Bead Depressor for convenient demounting of hard sidewall tyres
  • High rigidity for a safe handling of high performance tyres
  • Pedal-controlled inflator and top-side bead seater
  • Bottom camera to control operation on the lower bead
  • Ergonomic wheel lift as option
  • Certified by wdk

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