ATF 3000 PRO

the details that make the difference – Case A: It contains the fittings of EU and Asian cars dated <2001 – Case B: it contains adapters and fittings for cars from 2002 to 2012 – Dipstick: Device for operating on sealed gearboxes without heat exchanger or in case of difficult access to points of intersection – InfoPack: Password for free access (for 12 months) to the website Datamotiv to consult database, reserved technical information (pictures, fitting location, etc) and DVD with a practical demonstration performed on the car – Magnetic liters’ counters: Useful for visual control of the levels (used oil, new oil) – 220V version with power switch and protection against short circuits and overloads – Lighting of the internal tanks: Essential for the visual control of the different types of ATF oils in the tank – 500ml additive injector with protection against mishandling – New wheels with larger supporting surface for easier movements

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