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The wheel balancer for tyre shops, car dealerships and garages with medium to high tyre service volume: with touchscreen monitor and easyWeight pinpoint indicator light – An accurate, fast and easy solution to position adhesive weights on the wheel.

  • With torque-controlled Power Clamp device instead of quick nut
  • High-productivity wheel balancer
  • Touchscreen monitor with graphical user interface GOLD – improved intuitiveness and ergonomics
  • easyWeight laser light indicator for fast, accurate and pinpoint placement of adhesive weights on the wheel
  • Semi-automatic input of offset and rim diameter via 2D SAPE and automatic rim width acquisition via Smart Sonar
  • Semi-automatic pre-selection of balancing mode via easyAlu
  • Rim lighting to facilitate rim cleaning and speed up data entry and weight positioning
  • New ergonomic weight tray
  • Imbalance minimisation and optimisation programs
  • VPM measurement technique for uncompromised accuracy
  • QuickBAL for reduced measurement time:
    Short start-stop cycle time: 4.5 seconds (15’’ rim)

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